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a branch of the Tai languages

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Yay: Simple, hardworking and easy to use -- that's what this recent launch from the industry stalwarts is all about.
It's all-encompassing." After selling their wares as "An army of two" at festivals in 2010, the Reichleys hooked up with a distributor and now the domestically made YAY! LIFE!
There are two ways you can get your hands on the coveted Starbucks planners-drink a lot of coffee (it's the season for Peppermint Mocha, yay!) or join our Super giveaway.
Well done Rhyl for having more events on yay especially in the #rhyleventsarena BETHAN ROBERTS: Fantastic, seen both UB40's and love both RE BODFARI'S DINORBEN ARMS STARTS RECRUITMENT AHEAD OF PLANNED REOPENING BARRY DALE: Great to see this establishment gaining life again have fond memories of its good old days x JENNY ROSINA NEVILLE: I always remember having chicken and chips in a basket and the well in the bar!!
YAY - I've finally got something in common with the obscenely wealthy, Oscar-winning, A-list actress who sleeps with Brad Pitt.
Check the tunes man http://www.soundcloud.com/friday-club @B14KingsHeath: Yay! Kings Heath people now have another way across the River Rea this rush hour - Dogpool Lane bridge has re-opened to traffic.
You always made me safe, made me feel secure, time can never heal how much I miss you Yay. With everyday of this life my love for you remains the same, until the end of time, love you Yay.) Carol x.
Thus, to vote yay or nay is just perpetuating a nonsensical drain on the nation's resources.
Yay! It is officially here and we have even had some sunshine.
Yay, your faves are better for you than ya thought!
YAY Gallery invites you to the meeting with Azerbaijani artist Niyaz Najafov.
If I lose three pounds next week - yay! If I lose a stone next week - yay!
Dot and Kathy have a scene together, yay! Elaine reveals/warns the Carters she's staying until Xmas.