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United States baseball player (born in 1939)

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Martinez stranded Yastrzemski for his 18th save in 21 chances.
Williams was followed by Yastrzemski, Yastrzemski by Jim Rice, Rice by Mike Greenwell, and after a five-year hiatus, along came Manny Ramirez.
From Table 2, we can visually see the discrepancy between empirical and theoretical frequency series, so for more accurate testing of the marked difference we used the criteria for matching [chi square] and Yastrzemski's criteria (table 3).
Fregosi led off the game with a double, but he would get no farther than third base, as Drysdale, starting his fifth All-Star Game, set down Carew, Yastrzemski, and Howard to quell the threat.
Individual OBP Winners by Number of Seasons National League American League Barry Bonds 10 Ted Williams 12 Rogers Hornsby 9 Babe Ruth 10 Stan Musial 6 Ty Cobb 7 Billy Hamilton 5 Wade Boggs 6 Richie Ashburn 4 Lou Gehrig 5 Joe Morgan 4 Carl Yastrzemski 5 Mel Ott 4 Rod Carew 4 Honus Wagner 4 Frank Thomas 4 Tris Speaker 4 Incidentally, nine of Ruth's ten OBP titles are credited to the New York Yankees; only his 1919 win helps bolster Boston's winning percentage.
Yastrzemski doubled in a run off UO reliever Jimmie Sherfy (1-0) in the eighth - the first earned run of the year against Sherfy - but the Ducks fought back in the bottom of the inning to get their closer off the hook.
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In direct response to a 1968 season in which Boston's Carl Yastrzemski won the American League batting title with a .301 and St.
This reviewer's only regret is that Vail did not include an analytical study of the DH factor, which obviously inflated the career statistics of Reggie Jackson and Carl Yastrzemski and led to their undeserved firstround election.
Left field: Carl Yastrzemski. Yaz became famous for his flawless play of Fenway Park's fabled Green Monster, but he was hardly just a home-park wonder.
So far five have: Joe Cronin, Ted Williams, Bobby Doerr, Carl Yastrzemski, and Carlton Fisk.
Approximately three years ago, former Red Sox slugger Carl Yastrzemski introduced Tobin to Michael Andrews, executive director of the Jimmy Fund.
Pitchers looked on Yastrzemski's pathetic league-leading .301 average less with pride than with deep feelings of semiconscious shame.
Cubs second baseman Robel Garcia made a pair of diving stops to take away hits from Mike Yastrzemski and Joe Panik.
Boston's Carl Yastrzemski went 4-for-4 and finished with 44 home runs, 121 RBIs and a .326 average to win the batting Triple Crown.