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a skullcap worn by religious Jews (especially at prayer)

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Workers in Oregon will be able to wear a turban or yarmulke on the job under a bill passed by the state Legislature that protects religious practices for almost everyone, except public school teachers.
But the Seattle Post-Intelligencer staffer did express regrets, and removed a yarmulke from one of the characters when sending out a revised version of the cartoon for syndication.
Such a law would forbid students from wearing headscarves, yarmulkes or large-sized Christian crosses.
Jewish and Islamic supplies include yarmulkes, prayer mats, Torahs, and Korans.
As it happens, she neither wears the yarmulke nor reads from that fraying prayer book, but because they evoke and represent her father's presence, and remind her of how the Sabbath entered his home, they are objects of higher sanctity, more potent or powerful than other yarmulkes and prayer books she owns, even if they are not used in conventional ways.
And non-Jewish politicians have used the Holocaust to curry favor with the numerically small but influential Jewish voters--note the solemn pronouncements of Presidents wearing yarmulkes to accentuate their anguished sympathy.
Mantillas, stocking caps, berets, babushkas, yarmulkes.
FIBA said the new rule, which would also allow turbans and yarmulkes, would minimize the risk of injury while ensuring the uniform was of a consistent color.
Earlier this week, the far-right leader reiterated her longstanding support for banning the wearing of yarmulkes in public spaces, as part of an overall ban on religious (mostly Muslim) attire.
93We have a = comedy writer from Los Angeles and his family, businesspeople, teachers, ra= bbis, people with and without yarmulkes =96 all sorts of people who want to= be a part of this.
The religious officials, who wore yarmulkes, Muslim prayer caps and clerical collars, had just attended a scheduled meeting with the staff of U.
Fuentes argued that the prosecutor's action had violated the religious freedom rights of potential jurors, asserting that "crucifixes, yarmulkes and other forms of religious expression and symbols of affiliation would be transformed into per se indicias of juror disqualification.
Each decorated by a dangly earring, the yarmulkes associated Jewishness with Style, grafting back onto glamour the explicit references to ethnic "taste" that it supposedly allows everyone to "transcend.
Before taking their seats, rabbis in black hats or large yarmulkes hugged sheikhs wearing colorful kaffiyehs, and they bantered back and forth in Hebrew and Arabic like childhood friends.