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Synonyms for yardstick

Synonyms for yardstick

a means by which individuals are compared and judged

Synonyms for yardstick

a measure or standard used for comparison

a ruler or tape that is three feet long


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Now, God help us, the government is considering using happiness as a yard stick.
As an exercise in bureaucracy it would appeal to the most dedicated geek stalking the lanes of North Wales with a yard stick, map and geometry set, but for the average consumer it makes little sense except in a mere handful of instances.
He cited the number of advertising pages in the newspaper, using The Wall Street Journal's overall page count as a yard stick. On some days Tribune's newspapers were two-thirds full of advertising, but on other days it was a lot less.
The selection looked a potential sequence-builder herself when outpointing a solid yard stick on her first visit to the track in December.
Improved since being stepped up to middle distances on last two starts, both round here, winning well from a solid yard stick before being more inconvenienced than most by ridiculously slow pace when going for follow-up last week.
"Coventry are a big name in the first division and that is what we are aspiring to be, so we will use it as a good yard stick to see how far away we are from becoming a top-eight side in Division One.
Each market has its own yard stick based on the country's population.
Next, it was necessary to find a yard stick by which to allocate investments across the various companies.
She scored with a bit in hand on her last run, taking a competitive handicap at Sandown by half a length from reliable yard stick Smokin Beau.
I am glad God does not have the same yard stick as the world.
Instead, strength of character should be the yard stick for measuring personal worth.
[The state law] makes the Bible the yard stick to measure every man's intellect, to measure every man's intelligence and to measure every man's learning."
Today, there isn't much to choose between Pairumani Star (1.30) and Karasi on their running behind useful yard stick Veronica Franco at Newbury last month.
The firm can then set aside a "numerical yard stick," pinpointing all costs and outlining all measures to be taken on how to develop the space in the future.