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the basic unit of money in the United States

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VVDRAW: 1 Lil Gypsy, 2 Steel Ranger, 3 Yankee Dollar (m), 4 Glenside Emily (m), 5 Billy The Brief (m), 6 Myella Duke (w).
I'm a huge admirer of all things Stateside - and all Americans are massive muckers of mine - so there will be great things to be had working for the Yankee dollar (as I suggested as a song title for my Scottish brethren The Skids) next season.
Unbeaten Calzaghe has been labelled a 'home boy' by his own promoter due to his reluctance to chase the Yankee Dollar.
Both mother and daughter/working for the Yankee dollar.
I wonder about a lot of things, but I reserve my strongest contempt for the chattering classes, many of them in the media or academe, who don't have a good word to say for America until a lucrative job comes up, at which point they fly the Atlantic - relocation paid - to grasp the Yankee dollar.
How else is a general to live in the custom he should, with the Yankee dollar virtually worthless and confusion reigning in the marketplace?
From the Skids era come punky pop classics Into The Valley and Working For The Yankee Dollar, while Big Country cuts include Fields Of Fire, In A Big Country and Look Away.
At least, when he resigned from Encounter over the issue of covert funding, Stephen Spender claimed he didn't know he had been working for the Yankee Dollar.
The Yankee dollar is the currency on the streets; Coca-Cola is sold from every street corner.
The Tai Pan could be telling the Mandarin: "I dinna ken you want the poxie Yankee dollar, laddie.
In 1913, legal tender was authorized to replace the "honest Yankee dollar.
26 (480m): Bab's Monty, Iona Patch, Steel Warlord, Get There Clair, Yankee Dollar, Killahara Jack (W).
Sepia flash of times gone by Dockside streets with pavement flags bleached dry Cobbled road and warehouse walled Where the Yankee dollar seldom called Who''s to care?
Manchester United, redefined as an investment vehicle for the Glazers, are slaves to the Yankee dollar.
If the Yankee dollar isn't good enough, Chinese cash isn't going to be, either.