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Barely 40-minutes away by high-speed train, the city of Suzhou on the lower reaches of the Yangtse River has two must-sees: the Suzhou Museum and The Humble Administrator's Garden.
Little is left of the old city except the Bund, a row of early 20th century buildings on the Yangtse River front.
Chongqing is built into the mountain sides running along the edge of the Yangtse River, and the return home against the one in five gradient would be impossible.
Quite different from the Classic China itinerary with Audley Travel, it takes in the cultural heritage of the ancient imperial capitals - Beijing, Xian, Luoyang and Nanjing - combined with a cruise through the Three Gorges on the Yangtse River.
We started and finished in Beijing, with Xi'an and a cruise on the Yangtse River in between.
These geononwovens were extremely successful when used on the bank of the Yangtse River after flooding in 1998.
The disease is predominantly distributed in the southern provinces of China, bordered by the Yangtse River.
30pm dinner Yangtse River 8 Bridge Street, 01224 583 377, 5-11pm dinner Yu 347 Union Street, 01224 580 318, 12-2pm lunch, 5.
25 more power stations are foreseen for the Yangtse River - with seven already in service - to a total capacity of 15.
The Changshu mill is located along the Yangtse River, approximately 100 km from Shanghai.
The ports firm also announced a two-and- a half -year deal to advise Chinese trading group Shanghai Liang You on the development of a new pounds 40m grain terminal on the Yangtse River.
His gift of household goods included a piano that accompanied the young couple through the whirlpools and gorges of the Yangtse River.
Built across the Yangtse River it is the world's biggest infrastructural project and has already involved the re-housing of 1.
Officials are braced for flooding worse than in 1998, when the Yangtse River overflowed, killing more than 4,000.
Guobergur Bergsson is more than a local poet or a poet of the Icelandic scene, although he is surely that; Bergsson's paths or steps through life have led him to Spain, to Lisbon, even along and on the Yangtse River, where he reflects on life and death by one's own hand in modern-day China.