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White coat African yambean seeds were purchased from Erekesan market in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti-state, Nigeria.
2ml 1M sodium bisulphite to 100g of native African yambean starch prior to the addition of fixed quantity of acetic anhydride.
In African yambean starch, acetylation induced both a decrease and an increase in paste viscosity depending on the percentage of acetyl group in the starch.
DSC results of native, oxidised and acetylated African yambean starches are presented in Table 4.
The percentage acetylation achieved on treating native African yambean starch with acetic anhydride decreased with increasing contents of S[O.
The effect of heat treatment on the in-vitro multienzyme digestibility of protein of six varieties of African yambean (Sphenostylis sternocarpa) flour.
Functional properties of African yambean (Sphenostylis sternocarpa) seed flour as affected by processing.