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Japanese admiral who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 (1884-1943)

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In an interview with TechNewsDaily.com, the President of OnlyMeWorld, Carlson Yamamoto, said that there is a reason why other networks have not worked.
In addition, the Media Association expressed its grief over the brutal killing of Mika Yamamoto, a veteran war correspondent with Japan Press, in the Syrian city of Aleppo.
By analyzing the proportion of three types of isotope in the plutonium, Yamamoto determined that the substance was emitted from the crippled Fukushima plant and is not from past nuclear bomb tests elsewhere.
Yamamoto thus implied that the antitrust watchdog will give due consideration to global market share and the merger's effects on steel buyers.
Yamamoto promised to pay 700 yen to 900 yen per hour to 35 people who asked voters to support Kobayashi in the Hokkaido No.
27, 2007, under Okahara and Yamamoto's instruction, though the two are not licensed instructors, according to the investigation.
Editor's note: My American Heritage Dictionary defines "assassinate" as "to murder (a prominent person) by surprise attack, as for political reasons." Yamamoto was a prominent person singled out for death because his demise would have a huge negative impact on Japan's war effort, and his killing was carried out by surprise attack.
The Yamamoto boutique will be one block from the Gansevoort Hotel, and in close proximity to the SoHo House on West 13th Street.
2 Air Power History magazine there is an article titled, "The Yamamoto Mission," by Daniel Haulman.
It's an extraordinary piece that you can also have post-performance fun with, putting together your own ideal cast, which in this case would have to include Berman as both Pink and Green, Hansuke Yamamoto as Brick, Ruben Martin as Green, Yuri Possokhov as Purple, and most certainly Gonzalo Garcia as that all-essential man in Brown who, wandering into no-man's-land, fills it with mystery and life.
''We will demand the government impose antidumping duties,'' said Kazumoto Yamamoto, president of the group of 56 fiber manufacturers, yarn spinners and associated businesses.
The photographs reproduced here (selected from the two catalogues he shot for Yohji Yamamoto) exemplify Sims' recent style.
Molecular biologist Keith Yamamoto of the University of California, San Francisco, notes that scientists can now create microorganisms that can cause deadly diseases for which no cures exist.
Yamamoto, is traveling to Washington and Minnesota from March 1923, to meet with various members of the African diaspora.
Koko Yamamoto to its Board of Directors effective immediately.