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on March 1, 1919, the entire Korean peninsula, from the Yalu River to Jeju Island, rocked and exploded.
Pyongyang said on Saturday that 21-year-old Joo Won-moon, a New York University student who holds a US green card, was arrested and detained on April 22 after entering the country through the Yalu River from Dandong, China, press tv reported.
The great bulk of Give Me Tomorrow concentrates on George Company at the Chosin Reservoir, a part of X Corps's attack towards the Yalu River.
The much-awaited opening of the new bridge over the Yalu River came and passed with no sign the link would be ready for business anytime soon.
Hunziker had reportedly been drinking with a friend in 1996 when he decided to swim naked across the Yalu River between China and the North.
The Garratts' western-style restaurant, which bears a sign touting french toast and hot dogs, has a view of traffic flowing across the Yalu River that divides China and North Korea.
Pictures of the cafe, which overlooks the Yalu river and the Friendship Bridge linking the two countries, show the "T" in its name is in the shape of a crucifix, with a backdrop resembling a stained-glass window.
While Beijing has expressed frustration in its alliance with Pyongyang, any break is unlikely as China does not fancy the idea of a united Korea, allied to the US, with troops stationed along the frontier at the Yalu River.
The decision by MacArthur to bomb the Yalu River bridges (against the wishes of the Joint Chiefs) and everyone's surprise over the mass attack south of Chinese soldiers are also described.
Instability immediately across the Yalu River directly threatens domestic stability in China's heartland because of the specter of many hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding into Northeast China.
The main means of transport were through a pipeline that runs along the Yalu River between the border of the two nations as well as by ship.
China sent forces across the Yalu River that forms its border with North Korea on Oct.
troops and bases along the Chinese border on the Yalu River, or perhaps a string of listening posts to gather intelligence?
According to the report, Japanese media reported that North Korean parachute troops also conducted drills on Thursday in the city of Sinuiju, across the Yalu River from the Chinese city of Dandong.