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a resort city in Crimea in the southern Ukraine on the Black Sea

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Yalta, meanwhile, would go to York on a high after his Goodwood blitz.
And as the backlash against the Iran deal and the recent Republican presidential primary debates have demonstrated, the mind-set that began at Yalta has left a lasting imprint on Republican foreign-policy thinking.
Ever since, the work the trio did at Yalta has come under intense scrutiny, typically of a most uncharitable nature, to the point that a series of "Yalta myths" has been handed down through successive decades, and these have been taken to represent, if not the whole truth, then a goodly portion thereof.
As the last conference before Hitler's death (and Roosevelt's), Yalta remains important not as the cause of the Cold War but as the final testament to the utmost possible level of cooperation.
Instead of holding elections there, as Soviet Premier Stalin had promised the other Allied leaders at Yalta, he set up puppet Communist governments.
Despite having British and World titles to his credit, the trip to Yalta delivered Owen his first European crown.
Ali said the water tanks were being constructed in Jalaie, Yalta, Allahyar Regi and Lala Bai villages, where people used river water for drinking.
month in the 2-week camp in the city of Yalta that was attended by 700 children and youth from 50 countries
Eleven Jordanian under the age of 16 took part early this month in the two-week camp in the city of Yalta that was attended by 700 children and youth from 50 countries.
PERHAPS THE MOST controversial summit conference of all time was the one that took place in and around the Crimean resort city of Yalta in February 1945.
The interlocking of art and history is more direct in paintings with a political-historical referent, such as Yalta, 2006, showing the Livadia Palace, where the Yalta Conference was held, overlaid with a Picasso and suggestive of the cultural cold war to come.
Within an hour of landing at Yalta in the Ukraine, I am standing in a time warp where modern day history had been shaped.
The three were the most powerful leaders in the world--Franklin Roosevelt Josef Stalin and Winston Churchill--and they met at Yalta on the Black Sea during the closing months of World War II to decide the fate of the world especially Germany and the country which had suffered the most during Hitler's mad gambit at global domination Poland.
However, such a dialogue and any eventual accord would repeat the Yalta experience under which the United States and Britain allowed the Soviet Union to carve its zone of influence in eastern and central Europe.
YALTA, Ukraine: The world's economy is teetering between "the ice of recession and the fire of inflation", but may see some recovery by early next year, IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said yesterday.