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a Japanese gangster

organized crime in Japan

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La violence des rapports avec les yakusa a eu pour consequence de realigner le rapport avec les representants de l'Etat et plus particulierement avec les autorites locales.
En effet, le circuit de l'emploi journalier, illegal, est controle par des gangs de yakusa. Une fois recrutes par des << vendeurs de travail (tehaishi) >> le respect des termes du << contrat >> d'embauche depend entierement du bon vouloir des yakusa et non de la loi.
British exports to Japan are also being monitored by the yakusa to see if they are |intrusive' to their activities.
But that sort of thing was an everyday occurrence for the Flying Squad, who were in the middle of a gang war between US mobsters and the Yakusa.
The maglev train cars travel 8.9 kilometers, shuttling between Fujigaoka station in Nagoya and Bampaku Yakusa station in Toyota City.
In Japan, the Yakusa, who helped conservatives crush leftwing labor unrest in the 1950s, established close ties to the conservative Liberal Democratic Party, which allowed them to operate openly and set up multibillion dollar enterprises.
(27.) Yakusa, Japan's largest crime syndicate, had 30,000 employees working
The Japanese yakusa, the Russian mafia and Chinese triads are all said to be involved.
Those who have read his path-breaking works on Marxist theory, especially on alienation and dialectics, or his many essays on topics such as the yakusa and the emperor of Japan or Wilhelm Reich, or for that matter played his board game "Glass Struggle," know something of his breadth and depth.
Your chance to drive like a lunatic through the streets of Hong Kong with Wreckless: The Yakusa Missions - you've never seen anything quite like this.
Japanese Yakusa take on Chinese triads in Miike Takashi's classic DEAD OR ALIVE (Tartan Video, pounds 15.99)
This time, the message is that teamwork with loyal friends is infinitely cooler than being a Yakusa or working for a Triad boss.
She notes, for example, how the mafia "bears certain resemblances to other outlaw organizations such as the Chinese triads, the Colombian drug cartels, the Japanese yakusa or the thousands of new mini-mafias that have sprung up in the former Soviet Union." (19)
Mariko's husband Hiroyuki will always have the tattoos that mark him out as having belonged to the Yakusa, but thanks to his wife and becoming a reborn Christian, he's left that world behind him.