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a town in south central Washington

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Steve Albin of Yakima, Washington for his photographs and instructions of a more traditional way of mounting the hair roach.
Gary grew up in Yakima, Washington, adjacent to the city of Union Gap, and formed a band with school pals.
The 'American Idol' winner, who does not get embarrassed very easily, told the Sun that she messed up once again when she was on stage once in Yakima, Washington, and she said Yamaha instead of Yakima.
This job took me all over the country from Yakima, Washington to Dusty, New Mexico.
The company said that the seven areas cover Rochester, NY, Syracuse, NY, Merced, California, Visalia, California, Eugene, Oregon, Tri-Cities, Washington and Yakima, Washington - bringing to 43 the total number of markets now offering Sprint 4G services.
Helen Dillard, Holladay, Utah, and Lila Rose, Yakima, Washington, report that inexpensive and widely available generic lysine supplements cleared up their mouth sores.
Full of colorful anecdotes like the actual four mile move of the town of Yakima, Washington to surround a new expressway, this book explores the cultural history of the nation's interstate highways.
Image: Mr Smooth Best known for: Twin Peaks Early life: Kyle Merritt MacLachlan was born on February 22, 1959, in Yakima, Washington.
A sense of determination filled the air at Yakima Training Center, Yakima, Washington, as the "Outlaws" from the 62d Chemical Company, 23d Chemical Battalion, donned their "battle rattle.
But last year, the couple sold their home in Queens and moved to Yakima, Washington, a farming town with a population of 72,000, located 150 miles east of Seattle.
He has for the most part stayed healthy after recording his initial victory for this father Joe at Yakima, Washington, in 1974.
This randomized controlled trial included nearly 1,100 youth and was conducted in seven school districts in Cleveland, Ohio; Fort Worth, Texas; Houston, Texas; Memphis, Tennessee; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Yakima, Washington.
Meanwhile, the Yakima, Washington is considering a ban on all sales of sugary soft drinks and snacksstarting this fall.
But that's not what drew Landolt's attention to the shrub in 1996, when he first arrived to work in Yakima, Washington.
The farm near Yakima, Washington, where the cow originated, has been quarantined as officials trace how the animal contracted the disease and where its meat went.