Belamcanda chinensis

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garden plant whose capsule discloses when ripe a mass of seeds resembling a blackberry

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Yakans are inhabitants of Basilan and have been considered as among the best weavers in the Philippines because of the tribe's unique geometric design.
I have two good opposite players in my team, Yves and Yakan, so I had to be clever on how to use them.
A retired air force man Zulkifli Abu Talib, 57, said the Yakan community in the Desa Baiduri flats tended to stick together.
The President of Al-Jinan University in Tripoli Salem Yakan also handed Sleiman an honorary shield in appreciation of her efforts in the world of media.
CDC Group met with Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Transport Hisham Arafat, Head of PPP unit at the Ministry of Finance Atter Hannour and senior advisor to Minister of International Cooperation Moataz Yakan. They also met with Undersecretary to Minister of Petroleum Mohamed Saffar and Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Economic Zone Mohab Mamih.
The delegation consisted of Amr Yakan, deputy managing director; Johan Schror, general manager; Ahmed Moustafa, country manager of operation division; Ibrahim Abu El Soud, Sokhna branch manager; and Hatem Elkady, marine operation manager, it added.
The delegation consisted of Amr Yakan, Deputy Managing Director, Johan Schror, General Manager, Ahmed Moustafa, Country Manager of Operation Division, Ibrahim Abu El Soud, Sokhna Branch Manager and Hatem Elkady, Marine Operation Manager.
The book was first published in Japanese in 2012 as Zainichi Chosenjin josei ni yoru aekai no taiko-teki na kokyoken no keisei -- Osaka no yakan chugaku o kaku to shita undo.
Artist Sa'ad Yakan from Aleppo showcased a large mural titled "crowd and butterfly" that focuses on the humanitarian crisis, moving from a state of crisis to a state of hope symbolized by butterflies seeking an end to the darkness.
The friends Olivier Guillaume Madiba, Dominique Yakan and Hugues Wouafo wanted to get from that point to demonstrating innovation and coming up with a computer game that meets international expectations, while still being firmly grounded in African traditions.
AFTER MOST OF THE STUDENTS are done drawing their coral, I share a few examples of traditional Filipino textiles, from the Yakan people within the Sulu Archipelago.
With two friends--Hugues Gerald Nono Wouafo and Dominique Yakan Brand--he founded Kiro'o Games.
Examples include conflicting statements about Sayyid Qutb's influence on Fathi Yakan (69-70) and periodic factual errors such as misidentification of Sadat's assassin as Khalid al-Istanbuli, rather than Khalid al-Islambouli (48), and incorrectly attributing stoning as punishment for adultery to the Qur'an (113), rather than the hadith.
"There is this general perception that Tripoli's people are closed-minded and set in their ways," project manager Vanessa Yakan told The Daily Star Tuesday.