Belamcanda chinensis

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garden plant whose capsule discloses when ripe a mass of seeds resembling a blackberry

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The friends Olivier Guillaume Madiba, Dominique Yakan and Hugues Wouafo wanted to get from that point to demonstrating innovation and coming up with a computer game that meets international expectations, while still being firmly grounded in African traditions.
AFTER MOST OF THE STUDENTS are done drawing their coral, I share a few examples of traditional Filipino textiles, from the Yakan people within the Sulu Archipelago.
With two friends--Hugues Gerald Nono Wouafo and Dominique Yakan Brand--he founded Kiro'o Games.
Un adulto maya cuyo lexico contenia ya una buena dosis de espanol se apresuraba a una clinica de salud para que su pequena hija, quien padecia una diarrea severa, recibiera atencion medica, aun cuando muy posiblemente en su propia casa se encontraba el remedio: la planta medicinal designada en maya como yakan k'ulub wamal (Verbena litoralis, su nombre cientifico), empleada por sus ancestros para curar precisamente las diarreas (k'aaxil).
4) Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausug, Molbog, JamaMapun, Kalibogan, Sangil, Yakan, Palawani, Kalagan, Iranun, Badjao
Examples include conflicting statements about Sayyid Qutb's influence on Fathi Yakan (69-70) and periodic factual errors such as misidentification of Sadat's assassin as Khalid al-Istanbuli, rather than Khalid al-Islambouli (48), and incorrectly attributing stoning as punishment for adultery to the Qur'an (113), rather than the hadith.
There is this general perception that Tripoli's people are closed-minded and set in their ways," project manager Vanessa Yakan told The Daily Star Tuesday.
From there, Pavy planned to travel overland a distance of 300 miles westward to Mys Yakan on the northern Siberian coast.
Islam Yakan, aka Abu Salama al-Masry, joined the militant group, which controls swathes of Syria and Iraq, few months ago, Egypt Independent reported.
Dominated by members from the Tausug, Yakan and Sama tribe, the Abu Sayyaf in Sulu has been engaged in high-profile kidnappings over the past two decades.
Ali Coskun, Nazif Erkan, Savas Yakan, Mehmet Yildirim and Fevzi Cengiz.
Within the Greater Barito group, Sama Bajaw languages, such as Yakan utek (Behrens 2001), Pangutaran Sama otok (Walton & Walton 1992) or Mapun utok (Collins, Collins & Hashim 2001), reportedly retained 'brain.
Rabil, "Fathi Yakan the Pioneer of Islamic Activism in Lebanon" [54-65]
5) These include Samal, Bajao, Yakan and a small number of ethnic Chinese.