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Synonyms for yak

Synonyms for yak

to talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially

Synonyms for yak

large long-haired wild ox of Tibet often domesticated

talk profusely


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Our dried yak meat won an award as the best Swiss farm product in 2007.
And chefs from several area restaurants have discovered Pack River Yak meat, which they prize for its flavor and leanness.
I have visited Tibetan homes in urban and rural settings, eaten more than my share of yak meat and distinguished myself in our group by being the only one besides our tour guide who drank and genuinely enjoyed yak milk tea.
With yak meat hard to find, beef steak is used as a substitute.
She and three other fast-food addicts travelled to the village in the mountainous region in the north of the country, where they ate seasonal, fresh, organic food including lentils and yak meat.
The village supplies pilgrims with a place to buy provisions before their journey, the buzzing markets offering just about anything they might need: noodles, kettles, dried yak meat and beer.
Chinese people like yak meat, announces Mike, who runs a small slaughterhouse called Mike Oulton's Quality Meats in Martock, Nova Scotia.
In days of yore, the Mongolian tribesman would slice a chunk off a handy yak (or use dried yak meat when winters were long and cruel) then take off his shield and place it over the fire, using it like a giant griddle to cook the meat, accompanying it with a tasty potato stew.