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a name for the God of the Old Testament as transliterated from the Hebrew consonants YHVH

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Yet, does faith in Yahweh really offer us the only road to ethical relationships with our families, friends, and neighbors?
Ham's "expanding chain of pastrami stores", for example, is assisted by God: "He has guided me through the Money markets and the loopholes in the Health and Safety Regulations because he is more than YAHWEH, the God Love, he is YAHWEH, the Omnipotent Stockbroker and YAHWEH the Omnicient Lawyer" (30).
The Old Testament proposed a radical innovation, a new system tightly organized around relationship with Yahweh.
Further, like the divinities, Yahweh had human intermediaries called priests.
In Jesus and Yahweh, Bloom translates his theory from poetic to sacred texts, which for Bloom is no translation at all.
As Avalos surmises, "The repeated notions that Yahweh will conquer the entire world do not differ much from some conceptions of jihad.
A Texas state prisoner who was a member of the Yahweh Evangelical Assembly (YEA) filed a pro se action against the chaplaincy department of a state corrections agency.
the allusion to the theology of the Servant of Yahweh, however eloquent for the ancients, among us is clear only to the experts.
anticipated as a time of deliverance and vindication, when Yahweh would
Her compassion (a divine quality) leads Pharaoh's daughter to rescue Moses from the reedy water just as Yahweh delivers the Hebrews from the Sea of Reeds.
She writes: "It was Yahweh's intent not just to demonstrate Yahweh's power and sovereignty, but by doing so Yahweh seems to be encouraging the people to live a righteous life.
In all, these crises, Israel rallied to the call of Yahweh and sometimes triumphantly, sometimes agonizingly, faced the new situation.
This he does emphasizing the non-"Yahweh-alone" perspective, asserting that a common view of heaven among the Israelites was one of Yahweh as divine king surrounded, in his heavenly court, by a variety of attending divinities such as Asherah and Baal.
The sole reason that Christians and Jews believe in the god Yahweh (even if they are unfamiliar with his name) is that "The Bible says so.
The result of the study is to detect three compositional layers in the book: (a) oracles dating back to the prophet himself, early in Josiah's reign; (b) a first redaction towards the end of Josiah's rule which introduces the theme of the existence of a group designated as `the humble' and `poor' within Judah and (c) an exilic redaction which stresses the universal kingship of Yahweh and was designed `to open the eyes of the post-exilic community to grace' (p.