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a port in western Israel on the Mediterranean

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He was co-editor of AlTagidu b'Gat (The Palestinian Nakba in Hebrew Poetry, 1948-1958).El Yafo (To Jaffa) grew out of several short stories that received numerousawards.
In the 19th and early 20th century the following zayias existed: the al-Disuqiyya in Qaryat al-'Irab near Jerusalem [105 106]; al-Ahmadiyya in Jerusalem Yafo and Gaza [107].
But that is exactly what happened to Zeinab Rachayel, an Arab resident of Tel Aviv's mixed suburb, Yafo.
<![CDATA[ Plans for a religious-Zionist neighborhood in Jaffa (Yafo) have been approved once and for all a this time by the Supreme Court.]]>
But the author wrote the book in the deserts of the Dakotas in midwest America, which is where he found himself exiled during World War I, after the Turks expelled all the Jews from Tel Aviv and Yafo. Although he worked as a farmer on a ranch in Diaspora America, as he had in Zionist Palestine, Poleskin explains in the Foreword to the book's first edition that he was moved to jot down reminiscences of the Jewish lives he remembered, his own and those of his comrades with whom he worked in the settlements of Judea and the Galillee.
Nazareth (Al-Nasra in Arabic) will be identified as Natzrat and Jaffa (Jaffa in Arabic) will only be written as Yafo.
Imtithal's family was from Jaffa (now Yafo), a small port city adjacent to Tel Aviv that wasn't included in the UN mandate.
Yafa was renamed Yafo, and the lemon tree is gone from that backyard, but it's so deeprooted in her mind, its fragrance so overwhelming, that it's hard to imagine what that famous handshake on the South Lawn of the White House could have meant to her.
Principal battles: siege of Mainz, Le Mans, Chavenay (1793), Fleurus, siege of Maastricht (1794), siege of El `Arish, Jaffa (Yafo), siege of Acre (Akko), Mount Tabor (near Mazerat) (1799), Heliopolis (Masr el Gedida) (1800).
Investment House Limited and YAFO Capital, "GoforIsrael - The 16th China-Israel Investment Summit Forum" will be held in Shanghai on 20th September 2016.
"I wanted to buy her pizza at Sbarro, but there was a long line, so I waited on Yafo street - and after a few steps (away) I heard the explosion, I looked back and saw the smoke," he said.