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French biochemist who (with Jacques Monod) studied regulatory processes in cells (born in 1920)

(Old Testament) son of Isaac

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It is very important that all the benefits do not just go to big businesses or the big players, but must trickle down to the person on the street, said Yaacob.
He cracked his left wrist and had to receive five stitches on his head," Yaacob said, the (https://www.worldofbuzz.com/msian-hits-daughters-face-with-hammer-because-she-couldnt-find-a-job-after-graduation/) World Of Buzz r eported.
This hypothesis was supported by the finding of (t = 2.9127, [beta] = 0.2780, p < 0.0014), which confirmed the idea of previous studies (Yaacob et al., 2012; Harun et al., 2014; Ismail et al., 2015) that human capital has a strong influence on efficiency of waqf institutions.
Siti-Noor-Adnalizawati Adnan [1], *, Nazlina Ibrahim [2], Wan Ahmad Yaacob [3]
Shanmugam; Minister of Communication and Information and Minister in Charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim; managing director of Singapore's internal security Eric Tan; abd policies and planning manager at Singapore's intelligence and security sector Kevin Santa Maria.
This, Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim announced last Friday (Nov.
Official discourse on social cohesion in Malaysian context is mainly established under the label of nation building, of which the main elements have been Malaysian racial diversity and social integration (Malakolunthu & Rengasamy, 2013; Yaacob, 2011).
In the women's section, two goals in the last three minutes of the match by Nur Aisyah Yaacob saw Malaysia snatch a finals spot from Thailand.
In studies upon regeneration and acclimatization of selected ornamental plants (Agapanthus praecox, Jucticia betonica and Celosia cristata) Yaacob et al.
'Dafna's' tale of entrepreneurship began when she travelled to Chicago in the 1960s with her husband Yaacob and tasted "the most wonderful cheesecake".
Also Singapore's Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs, Yaacob Ibrahim has expressed his shock and sadness over the recent bomb blasts, calling the attacks "senseless".
Thus, low explicit self-esteem hinders the development of adolescents' mutual social relationships (Peplau, 1982), which finally results in adolescents' feelings of loneliness (Weiss, 1973; Yaacob, Juhari, Talib, & Uba, 2009).
Yaacob bin Ibrahim, Minister of Communications and Information of Singapore patronized over the opening ceremony of the exhibition.