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prepared to accurately process date and time data between and into the 20th and 21st centuries

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Also, don't expect to hear about any Y2K problems unless they are extremely small in nature or leak out unintentionally.
This is because the FDA anticipates that, even where Y2K problems in computer hardware, software, medical devices, office operations, Medicare claims submission systems and business partner systems were identified, corrected and tested for Y2K readiness before January, other unanticipated Y2K problems might develop and require correction.
if data is "lost" on a computer due to a Y2K problem, how is that loss made "physical"?
As it will take time for the government to grasp the nationwide situation on the Y2K problem and inaccurate information could be posted and exchanged on the Internet, triggering confusion, there will be a need for accurate and up-to-date information.
The study, which is part of Gallup International's Millennium Survey, also revealed that over 96% of the UK respondents have heard about the Y2K problem, with 50% saying they are concerned by it, 41% saying they are somewhat concerned and 8% saying they are very concerned.
A mere two percent of respondents expect to lose their job as a result of a Y2K problem.
Bergeron and de Jager consider the Y2K problem more of a management issue than a technical one.
There have been concerted efforts within the chemical industry during the past three to four years to try to prevent Y2K problems.
Every sector of the communications industry - broadcast, cable, radio, satellite, wireline and wireless telephony - could be affected by the Y2K problem.
The Y2K problem stems from the computer-industry practice of representing years only by their last two digits -- for example, "99" for 1999.
The CSB was created to investigate and prevent accidents, which include those due to the Y2K problem, but the EPA continues to perform inspections and coordinate emergency planning.
HOPEFULLY, YOUR ORGANIZATION HAS HEEDED THE DANGERS of the Y2K problem and is now taking the proper steps to become Y2K compliant before January 1.
The kit contained a video, an action planning guide, and checklists of best practices for dealing with the Y2K problem.
org, has a clear, non-technical explanation of the Y2K problem, a FAQ file, compliance information, and links to the vendors' Web sites where testing software can be downloaded.
Such statements are false, but I have heard each of them used to declare victory over a Y2K problem.