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prepared to accurately process date and time data between and into the 20th and 21st centuries

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Department of Agriculture had purchased software certified as Y2K compliant, so little conversion was required and the agency encountered no problems.
The results given by recent follow up survey conducted by the PCB shows that 40 percent of the major organisations are already Y2K compliant, while the remaining have a deadline of November, 1999 at the maximum.
What might happen between your association and your suppliers if their systems are not Y2K compliant?
"I can tell you that because no vendor knows for sure whether every component that goes into its product is Y2K compliant, any representations they make will include the disclaimer, as far as we know.'"
The government also called on consumers to store medicines, kerosene for heaters, and gasoline, and to check with makers whether their appliances are Y2K compliant.
AMD Reseller Program members throughout Europe will be able to use Cochrane's Millennium Toolkit to test their new machines and prove to customers that they are Y2K compliant. The software is able to distinguish between PCs using "industry standard" Real Time Clocks, which rely on the BIOS to make sure that the century is updated, and those using chips.
Bernard could shift to another clearinghouse if its current provider is not Y2K compliant by Nov.
After making these decisions, actions must be taken to make sure that mission-critical services are Y2K compliant.
This Y2K compliant software is said to provide flexibility of test design and a simple user interface.
* Geared for companies that have already converted existing systems but have not tested; have purchased new, Y2K compliant software and are hoping everything is okay; have not yet addressed the problem.
With the 20th century winding down, the possibility of a computer meltdown of cosmic proportions seems to be fading as the federal government, major financial institutions, and most significant businesses confidently predicting that they are "Y2K compliant." Even Alan Greenspan is relaxing a bit.
Even if a particular firm is assured that it is Y2K compliant, most companies rely heavily on suppliers and other outside firms in their day-to-day operations - and a malfunction by an outside firm is as potentially disruptive as an internal systems malfunction.
The software has a proprietary lookup feature, added forms for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA, and is Y2K compliant. Both the browser and Windows versions of All-Regs are updated once a month via CD-ROM.
All contracts signed with the airline after October 1997 included a clause in which suppliers had to certify their systems and equipment were Y2K compliant, he said.
On the contrary, it went on the attack, throwing down the gauntlet to a Wisconsin bank which claimed to be more Y2K compliant than Kia.