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the year 2000 in the Gregorian calendar

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A marvellous martial arts performance was presented by a group of students from the Y2K School and received a standing ovation by the audience.
I'll be happy not to hear about Y2K for another thousand years," said Bob Loftus, NCUA's director of public and congressional affairs.
While avian flu may well prove to be the new Y2K bug, colleges and universities are wise to at least have a plan to deal with it and other health crises.
When America started worrying that Y2K was going to close down the entire global economy, it started spending money like there was no tomorrow.
Like Y2K, the terrorist-security crisis threatens the existence and profitability of business as well as the continuity of constitutional government and society in general.
After realizing that Y2K computer glitches were no longer a threat, Gina enrolled in the Cobb Microenterprise Council at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia.
At the same time that I was becoming skeptical of the extent of the Y2K "crisis," I became progressively suspicious of the technical qualifications and/or honesty of most of the leading Y2K pundits.
One the Alert's initial findings was this: "The FCC so far has 17 of its 30 'mission critical' systems Y2K compliant.
The decrease in the high-end server segment was mainly due to Y2K lockdowns on second-half purchases.
Most people -- and insurers -- did not experience any Y2K effects first-hand, but the onset of Y2K did not leave the world entirely unscathed.
Figure 1 -- Y2K Lessons Learned: Items from PTI Member Survey (January 10, 2000)
Dobson, founder and president of Focus on the Family, was very worried about the "Y2K computer bug."
Amid the myriad computer-virus warnings, for example, was the Net rumor that the Russians would use the confusion around Y2K to launch a first-strike nuclear attack against the U.S.
Unfortunately, none of the multimedia companies provided separate numbers for their various divisions and it appears that none of the companies disclosed all capital spending related to Y2K. For example:
In European Union Member States, "Y2K coordinators" will remain vigilant and will continue to exchange information.