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shaped in the form of the letter Y

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Methods: Twenty-eight patients treated for osseous mallet finger using open reduction and hook-plate fixation were divided into two groups according to their incisions types (group I: S-shaped, n=18; and group II: Y-shaped, n=10).
It would also link to the Y-shaped PS50billion HS2 line - speeding up journeys to other major cities.
The improvements would cover an east-west section of northern England and would be in addition to the north-of-Birmingham phase two of HS2 which will see a Y-shaped route going to Manchester and Leeds.
The rear of the Y-shaped residence horseshoes around a red-brick courtyard with tree-shaded dining terrace and lap swimming pool.
Dreamy place to spend time "Sophie loves the ancient apple tree at the bottom of the garden as it has a Y-shaped branch where she can sit to watch the river and the boats going by - and dream.
So far, the robots have transported small objects and built bridges out of Y-shaped rods.
Then a Y-shaped extension taking in north east and north west England is due to be finished by 2032-33, with the whole scheme costing PS42.
The company has also developed a nanofiber with a Y-shaped cross-section in addition to those with triangle and polygonal cross-sections.
Plans for the London to Birmingham railway have already been revealed, but the PM is expected to outline the second leg - a Y-shaped route from Birmingham to Leeds and Manchester.
The Y-shaped nugget was buried 60cm beneath the surface.
In addition, the researchers found a previously unrecognized Y-shaped structure on the sternum which corresponds to the shape of the syrinx and could help stabilize sound production.
Can Drying Tunnels use a variable height plenum with a Y-shaped slot configuration.
The Government has argued that the scheme, including the second phase Y-shaped extension to Manchester and Leeds, will generate pounds 44 billion of benefits to the economy over 60 years.
A Y-shaped section taking branches to Manchester, Leeds and possibly further north could be finished by 2033.
In this paper an attempt was made to design compact Photonic Crystal structure used for routing light ie a double bends and Y-shaped splitter which consists of one input photonic crystal waveguide PhCW and two output PhCWs with optimized transmission characteristics.