xiphoid process

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smallest of the three parts of the breastbone

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The patient who experienced open RPLND will have a long incision extending from the xyphoid process to the pubis symphis; recovery time typically is longer following this procedure (Stevenson & McNeil, 2004).
Of interest to the survivalists, a ball load through the rib cage of a cottontail rabbit will open the bunny from xyphoid process to sigmoid flexure but destroys almost no meat.
Inspiration followed by breath holding was assessed by visual inspection and palpation of the anterior thorax and compared to readings from a tape measure placed around the simulator's thorax at the level of the xyphoid process.
The needle (16 or 18 gauge) is usually inserted between the xyphoid process and the left costal margin at a 15-degree angle to bypass the costal margin, and then aimed toward the left shoulder, until the pericardium is pierced and fluid is aspirated.