xiphoid process

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smallest of the three parts of the breastbone

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Intra-operative findings revealed a tumour spanning from the symphysis to the xyphoid (Fig.
The HR monitor strap was placed around the subjects' upper thorax at the level of the xyphoid process.
A 42 year old male patient was admitted to our clinic with complaints of pain, tenderness and mass on the xyphoid process.
The patient who experienced open RPLND will have a long incision extending from the xyphoid process to the pubis symphis; recovery time typically is longer following this procedure (Stevenson & McNeil, 2004).
Table 1: Hiatal Hernia Syndrome--A Synopsis Onset abdominal surgery impact of jumping blow to the abdomen horseback riding abdominal "belly flop" dive exercise falling from a height exertion with breath holding Symptoms fatigue mental dullness easy globus sensation satiety shallow thoracic breathing dysphagia chest oppression stitching chest reflux/regurgitation pains relatively rapid respiration aversion to constriction at the waist flatulence "spare tire" bulge just below the rib margin tickling, nonproductive cough Assessment Reflex points: Retest a previously Left of xyphoid (HHS point) strong lower 4th ICS mid clavicular extremity muscle 4th ICS mid axillary while having the T 10-11 left paravertebral patient use both hands to press the upper abdomen inward and cephalad.
Stimulation sites for z-gradients included the scapula, thorax, xyphoid, abdomen, iliac crest, and upper and lower back.
Of interest to the survivalists, a ball load through the rib cage of a cottontail rabbit will open the bunny from xyphoid process to sigmoid flexure but destroys almost no meat.