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Others included soaking the bark and seeds of Xylopia aethiopica (Eru) with a dry gin for two to 24 hours.
Analysis of volatile secondary metabolites from Colombian Xylopia aromatica (Lamarck) by different extraction and head-space methods and gas chromatography.
Anonaceae: Anaxagorea clavata Crematosperma novogranatense Guatteria chocoensis (cargadero) Guatteria columbiana (cargadero) Guatteria cargadero (cargadero) Guatteria calimensis (cargadero) Pseudoxandra Xylopia columbiana (rayado)
Le materiel vegetal utilise est compose de: grains de Coffea robusta, gousses de Xylopia aethiopica et de feuilles sechees de Combretum micranthum qui ont tous ete obtenus au niveau desdits marches.
Four species were the most abundant in the community and together they make up a large proportion of the density and basal area (Alstonia congensis, Xylopia rubescens, Hallea stipulosa and Syzygium owariense).
The marked climatic seasonality and floristic aspects of the fragment, including the presence of the genera Xylopia (Annonaceae); Aspidosperma (Apocynaceae); Protium and Trattinnickia (Burseraceae); Saccoglotis (Humiriaceae); Miconia and Mouriri (Melastomataceae); Myrcia (Myrtaceae); and Qualea and Vochysia (Vochysiaceae), characterize it as a Submontane Seasonal Semideciduous Forest (Table 2).
Floristic composition is still quite similar to that of cerrado vegetation, and includes species from cerrado stricto sensu, such as Qualea parviflora, Eriotheca pubescens, Magonia pubescens, and Xylopia aromatica (Ratter, Bridgewater and Ribeiro, 2003; Lopes, Vale, Oliveira and Schiavini, 2011).
Information obtained through ethnobotanical interviews in local Ghanaian communities reveal that the stem bark, root, and leaves are boiled with water to treat malaria [5] and also rubbed on the body to treat chicken pox when it is ground with seeds of Xylopia aethiopica and Aframomum melegueta [3].
Abubakar, "Chemical composition of seeds and oil of Xylopia aethiopica grown in Nigeria," Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, vol.
Ngogang, "In vitro antioxidant and anti-lipoperoxidative activities of bark extracts of Xylopia aethiopica against ion-mediated toxicity on liver homogenates," Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, vol.
Antimicrobial effects of aqueous and ethanolic fractions of two spices, Ocimum gratissimum and Xylopia aethiopica.
Dried fruit extract from Xylopia aethiopica (Annonaceae) protects Wistar albino rats from adverse effects of whole body radiation.
Fungicidal activity of Azadirachta indica and Xylopia acthiopica on Colletotrichum lindemuthianum.