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But, the small flower size, delicate petals and actinomorphic symmetry are not suitable for foraging visits by Xylocopa bees (Faegri and van der Pijl, 1979).
jalapa, the reproductive biology is associated to the self-fecundation of the flowers, in spite of being recorded for the south area of Brazil the presence of a type of moth that accomplishes pollination, besides floral robbers like Xylocopa, Halictidae (Hymenoptera), thrips (Thysanoptera) and Diabrotica (Coleoptera), which obtain nectar through the perforation in the base of the chalice (LEAL et al.
Molecular phylogeny and historical biogeography of the large carpenter bees, genus Xylocopa (Hymenoptera: Apidae).
En efecto, durante el estudio de las flores in vivo fueron frecuentemente observadas visitas por parte de abejas grandes de los generos Xylocopa y Epicharis, Apis mellifera, y colibries.
Hymenoptera: Megachilidae; Megachilinae), and Xylocopa calens (Hymenoptera: Apidae; Xylocopinae) (Plate 4).
Coleoptera Trogidae Trox Coleoptera Trogidae Trox Coleoptera Trogidae Trox Coleoptera Trogidae Trox Coleoptera Trogossitidae Tenebroides Coleoptera Trogossitidae Tenebroides Neuroptera Chrysopidae Chrysopa Neuroptera Corydalidae Chauliodes Neuroptera Corydalidae Chauliodes Neuroptera Hemerobiidae Hemerobius Neuroptera Sialidae Sialis Hymenoptera Anthophoridae Xylocopa Hymenoptera Apidae Apis Hymenoptera Chrysididae Chrysis Hymenoptera Colletidae Hylaeus Hymenoptera Cynipidae Unident.
lignaria Say, Nomia melanderi Cockerell, y algunas especies de Centris Fabricius y Xylocopa Latreille, entre otras (Richards, 1993; Stephen, 2003; Torchio, 2003; Bosch & Kemp, 2004; Buchmann, 2004; Bosch et al.
which mainly attracted honey bees and Bombus as well as lower frequencies of Xylocopa and leafcutting bees (Megachilidae).
ALMEIDA & PINHEIRO (1992), em Vicosa, MG constataram que os polinizadores efetivos do urucum sao as abelhas de grande porte Xylocopa frontalis, Centris sp.
Bees used the nest entrance of the old Xylocopa nests (23-25 mm in diameter as in the tunnels) to build their entrance with a bright yellow resin, except for nest # 4 that did not have one.
George Else, curator for the museum's collections management division, wrote back, stating: "The bee is clearly a female Xylocopa and is certainly the most northern we have for this country.
Nombre Cabecar Nombre en castellano Equivalente en la clasificacion cientifica bukula 'avispas' Familias Vespidae, Pompilidae y Muulli dae de Vespoidea y generos Xylocopa, Oxytrigona y Sceliphron de Apoidea bul n[a.