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comprising the common swordfishes

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The research here is preliminary in the sense that we do not consider cumulative effects on this industry from regulations on swordfish (Xiphiidae) and sharks which affect the same reef fish industry.
Los peces de las Familias Istiophoridae y Xiphiidae, conocidos vulgarmente como peces de pico, son de gran talla, epipelagicos, habitan preferente mente aguas oceanicas calidas, por encima de la termoclina, y realizan largas migraciones, que en algunos casos superan los 3 000 km.
Unidentified tuna Xiphiidae, Swordfishes 144 Xiphias gladius Swordfish Istiophoridae, Billfishes 145 Istiophorus platypterus Sailfish 146 Makaira nigricans Blue marlin 147 N.A.
Some methods used for genetic sampling ofbillfishes (families Istiophoridae and Xiphiidae) require excision of muscle, skin, or fin tissue, and excision requires manual restraint or killing of the animal.
In an attempt to improve local conditions, during the early 1980's some operators began to investigate alternative fishing methods and, in particular, pelagic longlines to target stocks of highly migratory oceanic groups of species such as tunas (Scombridae), sharks (Carcharhinidae), and billfishes (Istiophoridae and Xiphiidae).
20 0.2 1.6 Gempylidae Gempylus serpens 9 <0.1 1.1 Gempylus nasiitus 1 <0.1 0.5 No identificados 2 <0.1 0.9 * Scombridae Auxis rochei 1 <0.1 0.4 * Thiinnus atlanticus 6 <0.1 1.3 * No identificados I <0.1 0.9 * Xiphiidae Istiophoms 14 0.1 LO * platypteriis Makaira nigricans 1 <0.1 0.4 * Xiphias gladius 2 <0.1 0.5 * No identificados 1 <0.1 0.6 Nomeidae Cubiceps 1 <0.1 0.5 pauciradiatus Cubiceps spp.