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a member of the Negroid people of southern South Africa

a Bantu language closely related to Zulu

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Overall, 44% of the patients (n=44) were sensitised to peanut (40% (24/59) of Xhosa (black African) patients and 50% (20/40) of mixed-race patients (p=0.1)).
The trend for all the above screening tests was towards a lower specificity and PPV in the Xhosa patients, as depicted in Table 2.
40% positive in peanut-tolerant patients (p<0.001.) The significant trend in Ara h 2 positivity in allergic patients was followed in both ethnic groups: in Xhosa patients, 89% of allergic v.
Despite the overall superiority of Ara h 2 in differentiating allergy from tolerance in both ethnic groups, the Xhosa patients had a significantly higher false-positive rate.
These cut-off values proved useful in the mixed-race population (PPV 88%, 93% and 100%, respectively), but were of significantly less predictive value in the Xhosa population (80%, 57% and 53%, respectively).
Sthembile Mhlangeni en Zolani Mkiva het op 10 Mei 1994 opgetree as pryssangers (Xhosa: iimbongi) by die presidensiele inhuldiging van Mandela.
In Xhosa, daarteenoor, is improvisasie veel belangriker.
Aan die een kant behou hierdie pryslied die belangrikheid van die voorgeslagte in die Afrikakultuur en plaas Mandela stewig binne sy tradisionele konteks as Xhosa, maar terselfdertyd word die geskiedenis van die struggle vermeld waarvan die Mandela se inhuldiging as president van Suid-Afrika die resultaat is.
Naas Xhosa word Afrikaans, Engels, Portugees, ensovoorts gebruik wanneer figure in hulle eie taal aangehaal word.
Xhosa oral poetry and its reception: past and present.
Most Xhosa speakers do believe in some supernatural force that dictates, guides, punishes, facilitates, or, in short, exerts influence upon people in their daily lives.
This happens frequently, for example, in Ghana, but also in Xhosa society:
Xhosa society grapples in its own way with the questions that death brings, and sometimes a child who is born after the death of another receives a derogatory name.
If a child nowadays is called Rolihlahla (or Rholihlahla, which represents the correct orthography), one may be reasonably sure that Nelson Mandela is being commemorated because that is his Xhosa first name, and a slightly unusual one at that.
As regards Xhosa names, this category is best illustrated through clan affiliation.