yellow-green algae

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any alga of the division Chrysophyta with its chlorophyll masked by yellow pigment

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Cell concentration of filamentous cyanophytes was obtained based on the total filament count and the xanthophytes was estimated based on cluster counts of each colony, using a Fuchs Rosenthal chamber (0.2 mm depth) (Huarachi et al., 2013; Moheimani et al., 2013).
The major difference between the molecular and morphological based phylogenies is the clustering of eustigmatophytes and xanthophytes with the separation of phaeophytes and xanthophytes in trees inferred from ultrastructure similarities.
Higher concentration of ammonia at high tide favoured the observed diatoms, green algae, blue-green algae, dinoflagellates, and xanthophytes especially the dominant diatoms at high tide.
The genus Vaucheria de Candolle belongs to the class Xanthophyceae (yellow-green algae), and is one of the two benthic macroalgal genera within xanthophytes besides Tribonema (Christensen, 1987).
The storage product is the same (starch) as higher plants and is similarly stored within plastids; most algal groups other than chlorophytes and charophytes (e.g., chrysophytes, xanthophytes, phaeophytes), exhibit extraplastidal storage of photosynthate (cf.