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Synonyms for XXIV

the cardinal number that is the sum of twenty-three and one

being four more than twenty

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Merely obtaining a psychiatrist's recommendation that a student should attend a particular school does not justify a deduction, even if the doctor's diagnoses the student as being mentally ill; see Fischer, 50 TC 164 (1968), acq., 1969-2 CB xxiv; Atkinson, 44 TC 39 (1965); and Enck, TC Memo 1967-58 (1967).
Standing in the wings is the vaguely sulphurous Cardinal Peter Mathews, tipped to become the next Pope following the disappearance of John XXIV in the Rapture.
et al 2002 The Land is a Map: Placenames of Indigenous Origin in Australia, Pandanus Books, Canberra, xxiv + 304 pp, ISBN 174076204.
xxiv), Latham and Youings offer 228 letters, almost sixty more than in 1868.
Bud World was launched at Super Bowl XXIV in Atlanta, and has ranged the country since then, setting up at state fairs and car races throughout the U.S.
European Commission Directorate General XXIV, Consumer Policy and Consumer Health protection, 28 May 1999.
Action by DG XXIV on consumer policy in 1998 demonstrates how consumers' interests go beyond the mere notion of protection to cover economic and legal considerations and competition, as well as the production of goods, their conservation and distribution, and research.
Brian Dennison); "Organization and Administration of Graduate Studies in Canadian Universities" (XXIV:1, 1994) (Edward A.
Celebrated during his life, he was acclaimed as a master by the poets of the following generation, including Dante, who memorialized him in the Purgatorio (XXIV, 55-57).
His other poetry titles include Irradiations: Sand and Spray (1915); Goblins and Pagodas (1916); Japanese Prints (1918); Breakers and Granite (1921); Preludes and Symphonies (1922); Branches of Adam (1926); The Black Rock (1928); XXIV Elegies (1935); South Star (1941), which includes a verse history of Arkansas; and The Burning Mountain (1946).
Irradiations: Sands and Spray (1915), his first volume of poetry, was followed by such other collections as Goblins and Pagodas (1916), Breakers and Granite (1921), The Black Rock (1928), and XXIV Elegies
Securities and Exchange Commission, assigned the following rating and Rating Outlook to Galaxy XXIV CLO, Ltd./LLC: --$320,000,000 class A notes 'AAAsf'; Outlook Stable.
When I graduated with Class XXIV (aka The Real Deal), I remember thinking, "What will I do now on the third Thursday each month?" Well, thanks to the LGLR Board of Trustees, LGLR Alumni Association Board of Directors, and Executive Director Judy Knod, those Thursdays have been filled for the last two years.