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street names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine

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Colin Moulding, 49, the bass player in the real XTC, said: "It is amazingly flattering and humbling.
The first XTC parties took place in England in 1985.
STEVE Bays' Canadian four-piece have the intense geometrical attack of XTC and angsty thrust of The Cure.
Du Pont has come up with a novel stampable glass-reinforced PET sheet, known as Du Pont XTC.
Langan said Rick's Cabaret D/FW would be open throughout the pro football championship week festivities, as will the company's other establishments in the Metroplex: Rick's Cabaret/Fort Worth; Cabaret North and Cabaret East in Fort Worth; Club Onyx in Dallas catering to African-American gentlemen; plus XTC Cabaret in Dallas and XTC Cabaret in Fort Worth.
The Futureheads - This Is Not The World Harking back to bands like XTC, Sham69, The Boomtown Rats, with the odd trace of Sex Pistols -like drums and guitar, this is all about walking backwards into music from nearly 30 years ago, with not much in the way of innovation to bring it into this future world.
Star link-ups: She's worked with Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, Fairport Convention, XTC and The Police.
The Sex Pistols refused to be included; XTC also somehow missed the boat.
SPEAKING of collector's items, Virgin release a four-CD box set from the delightfully idiosyncratic XTC on Monday.
I was more into the Clash and XTC, the Undertones, than say the Sex Pistols who to me just sounded like a rock and roll band.
They were born at the height of punk but XTC have lasted a lot longer than most of the bands of that era.
The UK importers call it the "ultimate-luxury Rodeo" and for pounds 19,990 excluding VAT it comes with a Prodrive Performance Pack, 18 inch Prodrive alloys with 255/60 Pirelli Scorpion Zero tyres, two-tone leather seats and door inserts, a Prodrive Mesh grille, a tough load-liner and an XTC hard top.
The band, who hark back to the new wave era of the late 1970s and acts such as The Skids, Fire Engines and XTC, packed the QMU with fans.
Among the artists he features on the soundtrack are Kate Bush, Brian Ferry and XTC.
Great English eccentrics who produced a string of classic three-minute pop gems (Making Plans For Nigel, Senses Working Overtime, Generals And Majors, etc), XTC were one of the more individual delights to emerge from the fallout of punk with their angular guitars and devilishly hummable melodies.