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macular degeneration that is age-related

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Having developed its new x86 compatible Geode SC1400 chip aimed at information appliance manufacturers (CI No 3,704), NatSemi now sees L&H's speech recognition technology as a further way to shrink the size and improve the ease-of-use of internet access devices such as its own WebPAD, automobile PCs and other handheld products.
Each computer will be here on 64-bit x86 compatible processors mitAVX - instruction set, and have 2 GB of RAM per core.
Crusoe is the only x86 compatible processor solution built to run the large installed base of PC software applications with high performance and extremely long battery life.
The company says that the x86 compatible chip - aimed at set-top, thin client and information appliance manufacturers - combines processing, encoding and multimedia streaming functions on a single die that are only available on seven or eight chip systems from other companies.
This framework agreement for the purchase of computer equipment for all components and services of the University of Toulouse II - Mirail.L Framework Agreement is divided into six separate batches defined as follows: Lot 1: environment microcomputers Branded to x86 compatible system Windows Linux & Lot 2: Environment laptop computers, netbooks, tablets x86 compatible system Windows, Linux, Android (excluding Apple System) Lot 3: Environment computers, laptops, tablets, servers and devices compatible Macos associeslot no4: Printers and extensions Lot 5: Servers x86 compatible Linux and Windows and their extensions Lot 6: parts, small equipment, accessories and computers assembled