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BANK bosses are X-raying all their safety deposit boxes after losing treasured church silverware that dates back to the English Civil War.
"He is capable of X-raying an opera, getting right into its inner workings.
By X-raying, some of the nutrients are lost through this process; however, the final product benefits from a reduced risk of foodborne illness, and boasts a longer shelf life.
"I remember waking up strapped down to a table with this horrible thing around my head, X-raying me.
There is precaution about x-raying pregnant women and around dental x-rays.
He also did tomography, X-raying the test packages while rotating them 360 degrees.
Speaking as a witness at the hearing, Ms Jones said: "As far as X-raying people in the hospital goes, it's a very private environment, and it was a surprise to see him there just totally out of context."
In a 2012 lawsuit filed in US District Court in Phoenix, Armato contended TSA officers initially refused to follow the agency's policy of providing alternative security screenings for bottles of breast milk instead of X-raying them.
First Job: "In addition to cutting yards and washing cars, at 14,1 worked with an industrial radiographer x-raying gas pipelines.
She will also touch on their use in archaeology such as scanning mummies and the x-raying of famous WORKs of art.
The tomb and the most important finds are described and illustrated, and the modern X-raying and CT-scanning of the king's mummy are presented in detail.
Such products present a challenge, as it is impossible to nondestructively inspect the internal features without X-raying the parts.
"It visited all the high Arctic settlements returning Inuit patients from southern hospitals, X-raying the ones in the settlements ...
Restoring it has been painstaking work, replacing thousands of corroded rivets and X-raying steel components to check for racks or corrosion.
Meanwhile, an international team noticed, while x-raying the same mummy collection, some unexpected physiological details.