X-ray tube

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a vacuum tube containing a metal target onto which a beam of electrons is directed at high energy for the generation of X rays

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Considering the above parameters, the x-ray tube manufacturer must compromise/balance several conflicting requirements when defining which target type to use.
The proposed DC-DC converter system is effective for the medical- use X-ray power generator from a practical point of view According to the MATLAB/Simulink simulation results, the desired output X-ray tube voltage with a fast rise-time within 0.035ms and without producing overshoot.
Varian is the world's largest independent supplier of medical X-ray tubes, which are used in nearly one-fourth of the CT scanners and nearly one-half of the mammography systems worldwide.
Two TLDs were placed on the left knee closest to the X-ray tube under the table (not covered by the lead apron), 2 on the left elbow close to the image intensifier (II), 2 on the shoulder closest to the II, and 1 on the thyroid, protected by the thyroid shield.
The quality of the x-ray radiation produced by an x-ray tube, and its effectiveness in discriminating the different materials within a sample to produce a useful analytical image, depends on the particular x-ray tube settings used.
The geometric magnification values used in x-ray system specifications always assume the test sample is extremely thin, permitting its placement as close as possible to the x-ray tube. However, as the sample grows in thickness, and its proximity to the x-ray tube reduced, then the actual geometric magnification for a specific sample may be substantially less.
This position is easy to perform on mobile patients and requires little manipulation of the x-ray tube. Likewise, Watkins and Moore emphasize that magnification of the patellae can be reduced by increasing the source-to-image receptor distance to 50 inches (127 cm) or more.
it could potentially allow you to use more-normal sources of X rays, like X-ray tubes," comments L.
Unit uses an x-ray tube in a compact, ergonomically designed handheld unit with a pocket PC for unprecedented flexibility in a portable analyzer.
In 2003, NITON, which has a market-leading position for handheld XRF instruments, began shipping the Xli, an ergonomic isotope-based XRF that weighs a scant 1.7 lb, and the XLt, a sleek x-ray tube analyzer.
A low stored energy of 3.3J helps protect the X-ray tube in arc conditions.
For older x-ray units that will not allow such a big exposure reduction, purchase an inexpensive beam filter kit and install it in the port of the x-ray tube head.
Like the X-ray tube, detectors come in different flavors and are broken down into two categories: analog or digital.
In typical examinations there are several phases; each made up of 10 to 50 rotations of the x-ray tube around the patient in coordination with the table moving through the circular opening.
The device is used to align the patient, film, and X-ray tube to produce consistent, accurate radiographs at any angle of knee flexion from 20 to 90 degrees.