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United States poet (1885-1928)

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The arrangement enabled the former Cal State 9 members, who were now Patelco members, to keep using their Wescom-issued credit cards, Wylie explained.
Justins, 60, was found guilty in June of the manslaughter of Graeme Wylie, who died of a barbiturate overdose aged 71 at their home in 2006.
Caption: Canadian Light Source (CLS) executive director William Thomlinson and artist Carol Wylie stand before one of Wylie's three paintings entitled First Light that hang in the building's mezzanine.
Her brother Wylie has disappeared and her mother demands her daughter's help in finding him.
"We're part of the extreme-value set," explains vice president of marketing Jon Wylie. But he adds that while the chain can be categorized with such retailers as the Aldi Group, Supervalu Inc.'s Save-A-Lot unit, Big Lots Inc.
GET excited, folks, the never knowingly rehabilitated Pete Wylie, legend, ligger and cultural barometer is back on stage.
A&B Village Realty in Bella Vista recently acquired the Century 21 franchise formerly known as Century 21 Wylie in Bella Vista.
Donovan Wylie's photographic study of Northern Ireland's Maze prison is a haunting and buzzing picture of one of the UK's most iconic symbols.
Arthur Wylie's passion for investing started in college, when he discovered that he not only enjoyed, but had a knack for trading stocks.
Wylie, rated one of the best coaches in the game, watched his rock-bottom side slump to a 4-0 defeat to Glentoran at the Oval yesterday.
Roy Wylie, NCTM, is from Houston, Texas, and has degrees from Southern Methodist University, Manhattan School of Music and The University of Texas at Austin.
George Wylie was the star fisherman in his little town of Clay Center, Kansas.
They differ in their selection of the beholding eyes -- Gruesser focusing on non-black writers in general, while Hickey and Wylie scrutinize works by American authors.
Where other poets abandon metrics and fall back on half-rhyme or none at all in their desire for accuracy, Wylie masters the most complex forms with no sense of straining as she achieves the severe elegance and weightless movement of a ballerina.