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a dialect of Chinese spoken in the Yangtze delta

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Having established the need for a new set of criteria to determine if a dialect is in fact Wu, in chapter 2 Simmons reviews previous proposals for the classification of Wu dialects and introduces his own approach based on comparison with a common dialect phonology.
The resulting correspondences, particularly where phonological distinctions are involved, establish Jintan and Danyang conclusively as Wu dialects. Of particular interest is the fact that it is only through first comparing the two dialects that the correspondences to Common Northern Wu become evident; the tone systems in particular have evolved in such a complex fashion in each dialect that the number of original phonological categories is not clear when looking at either dialect in isolation.
The Wu dialects are considered to be characterized by a series of voiced initials that contrast with voiceless and voiceless-aspirated initials.
But where I work, with the Wu dialects of China's Kiangsu and Chekiang provinces, it is different.
This review of the vocabulary and usage of the Towa sanyo reveals a mix of language types or levels in the text: primarily colloquial Mandarin forms are blended with the occasional Wu dialect representative, thinly layered with the literary vernacular of Ming-period texts (itself formed on a Mandarin base), and sprinkled with a smattering of Classical Chinese.
The second is also popular, but only among a limited number of the Wu dialects and southwestern and southern Mandarin.