false imprisonment

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(law) confinement without legal authority

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DuBose noted that since the Victims of Wrongful Incarceration Act passed in 2008, only four people have been compensated under the act.
Some of the more recent statutes, or amendments to older statutes, are more sensitive to evolving societal perceptions of the horrors of wrongful incarceration.
While the decision in Ward seems to welcome recovery for Charter breaches, has the door been opened wide enough to make an action under section 24(1) (84) readily accessible for those newly released from a wrongful incarceration without significant resources to do battle with the state?
6, which permits the disclosure of client confidences to prevent wrongful incarceration.
243) For example, Florida has a capped amount of $2 million for compensation, whereas New Hampshire has a capped payment of $20,000 for the entirety of the wrongful incarceration, regardless of the time served.
In works such as these, Simon sets the stage for what could be a powerful indictment of our justice system, revealing through each of the eleven "Innocents" included in this show the toll wrongful incarceration inflicts on the individual.
In two weeks' time Hill will receive the first official help he has had to handle the trauma of his wrongful incarceration.
That was four weeks after a Majlis committee presented a report of its investigation putting the primary blame on Mortazavi for the wrongful incarceration of 147 protesters at Kahrizak, their mistreatment and the death of at least four.
As a result of his wrongful incarceration, Mr Steel was entitled to make a claim for substantial compensation from the Home Secretary, believed to total between pounds 500,000 and pounds 2,153,206.
Following his wrongful incarceration, he was entitled to a massive compensation payout from the Ministry of Justice, believed to total between pounds 500,000 and pounds 2,153,206.
In the past several years, two wrongful incarceration cases have garnered especially heightened media attention.
I have many, which I will send to him, but I join meanwhile the request made by my colleague and close observer of the STL, Michael Young: Zuhair Siddiq, the "false witness" whose testimony has led to the wrongful incarceration of at least four people, must be arrested immediately and tried for obstructing the course of justice.
Thompson filed a Monell action against the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office, the former district attorney for that office, Harry Connick, and others for 18 years of wrongful incarceration that they allege was substantially caused by the defendants' failure to train and/or supervise his assistants on Brady issues.
Any wrongful incarceration, with its attendant squandering of human potential, should be a cause of concern, but the concentration of wrongful incarceration in communities that are already socially and economically marginalized should be regarded as especially objectionable.
The story behind Michael's rebellious youth and wrongful incarceration is compelling and unpredictable and it illustrates how often people judge others without understanding the reality of their lives.