false imprisonment

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(law) confinement without legal authority

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Once we acknowledge the breadth of the harms of wrongful incarceration, the iceberg, we can begin to recognize wrongful incarceration as an issue that should concern everyone, not merely those falsely accused, but those victimized by crime and the public generally, who are more likely to be victims of crime as long as guilty parties experience wrongful liberty.
Where such issues of humanitarian urgency rarely glean a fleeting interest on the part of our establishments docket, the fact that the profound injustice of Zulfiqar's wrongful incarceration and consequential deteriorating health was widely advocated on social media, and was even broached in parliament by Shazia Atta Mari, yet still remained unacknowledged through any concrete efforts by the government is shameful.
DuBose noted that since the Victims of Wrongful Incarceration Act passed in 2008, only four people have been compensated under the act.
Some of the more recent statutes, or amendments to older statutes, are more sensitive to evolving societal perceptions of the horrors of wrongful incarceration. Caps are being raised and more statutes offer elements of restorative reentry services that many exonerees need.
There may be no protection for a child from detention or their wrongful incarceration with adults.
Esquenazi storms the film festival circuit with Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four, about the wrongful incarceration of four Latina lesbians
A UN panel last month asked him to free Nasheed and pay him compensation for his wrongful incarceration, a demand rejected by Yameen.
"It also led to the short, wrongful incarceration of two innocent men, causing no doubt immense distress to them and their families."
He's seeking $5.4 million to $8 million under Connecticut's wrongful incarceration law.
THE IRA does not bear responsibility for the wrongful incarceration of the Birmingham Six, the Guildford Four and others for republican terrorism, Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has said.
There is no legislated right to compensation in Canada, however, for those who have suffered tremendous personal and financial damage as a result of a wrongful incarceration. The available remedies include the expensive and time-consuming routes of litigation for malicious prosecution, negligent investigation, a Charter breach, a petition to a United Nations Human Rights Committee or the highly politicized exercise of mercy by government to make an ex gratia payment.
(176) Today, only two states have adopted a variation of Model Rule 1.6, which permits the disclosure of client confidences to prevent wrongful incarceration. (177)
In works such as these, Simon sets the stage for what could be a powerful indictment of our justice system, revealing through each of the eleven "Innocents" included in this show the toll wrongful incarceration inflicts on the individual.
In two weeks' time Hill will receive the first official help he has had to handle the trauma of his wrongful incarceration.
That was four weeks after a Majlis committee presented a report of its investigation putting the primary blame on Mortazavi for the wrongful incarceration of 147 protesters at Kahrizak, their mistreatment and the death of at least four.