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a death that results from a wrongful act or from negligence

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Wrongful deaths can be caused due to a negligent act, a wrongful act or even medical malpractice.
Sometimes, wrongful deaths can be caused in accidents or as a result of medical malpractice.
Depending on the fortuity of where a nonseafarer's fatal injury occurs on the world's navigable waters, survivors who sue in courts in the United States either may be able to invoke modern maritime choice of law rules to access economic and noneconomic damages under state wrongful death laws or they may be limited to their "pecuniary" losses (i.
In 1920, state wrongful death laws generally provided only economic damages, like DOHSA.
5/19: The Army rejects an appeal of an unsuccessful wrongful death lawsuit filed by Patricia Kutteles, the mother of Pfc.
James Robertson II rules that Sharon Smith can sue the owners of the dogs that fatally mauled her partner, Diane Whipple, for wrongful death even though Smith is not a surviving spouse under the law.
Despite the pitfalls, courts have awarded some damages for the wrongful deaths of unborn children.
of Eldredge & Clark, Little Rock, discusses the increasing numbers of courts and legislatures recognizing actions for wrongful death of unborn children:
A seven-member Los Angeles federal court jury unanimously awarded Sidney, age 32, and Christina, age 27, Wu $15 million today in their wrongful death lawsuit against Singapore Airlines.
In the most incriminating new piece of evidence to surface in Simpson's wrongful death trial, William Bodziak used the magic of computer enhancement to show jurors that the soles on Simpson's shoes in a picture were identical to the Bruno Magli Lorenzo style shoe in size 12, Simpson's size.
Calhoun(12) a unanimous Court held that federal maritime law does not preempt state law remedies in wrongful death actions involving non-seafarers killed in U.
7 million by the jury for the wrongful deaths of her two grandsons, 24-year old Joseph Aguilar and 29-year old Jose Aguilar, deceased residents of Los Angeles.
NYSE: AIR), based in suburban Wood Dale, and Fleet Business Credit Corporation of Chicago, a division of FleetBoston Financial Corporation (NYSE: FBF), were "negligent in the entrustment" of an aged aircraft to Air Philippine and thereby liable for the wrongful deaths of the passengers.