wrongful death

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a death that results from a wrongful act or from negligence

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The next Part makes a simple plea to courts deciding claims in which the litigants argue that their wrongful death claim is derived from the common law in a jurisdiction which does not recognize such a right: use the aforementioned body of authority to find that there is at least a competing, if not necessarily dominating, principle in accordance with the litigant's argument.
Part I of this note briefly introduces the reader to the loss of chance doctrine and wrongful death statutes, and identifies the split in the jurisdictions regarding the compatibility of the loss of chance doctrine with wrongful death statutes.
Corp., 17 NY3d 118 (2011), plaintiff contends that the exclusion for bodily injuries sustained by a named insured does not apply to wrongful death claims, because they are brought on behalf of a deceased insured's distributees, and not directly on behalf of an insured or his or her estate.
On Monday, the guardian of a young girl whose father died in the accident filed a wrongful death lawsuit against railroad operator Montreal Maine and Atlantic Railway Inc.; its chairman, Edward Burkhardt; its parent company, Rail World Inc.; fuel company World Fuel Services Corp.; and other companies tied to the disaster.
To read more about wrongful death incidences, you can visit: http://www.markgraysonlaw.com/expertise-areas/wrongful-death-cases/
During discovery but after the three-year limitations period under the state wrongful death statute, G.L.
Virginia law bars recovery for the decedent's pain and suffering in a wrongful death case and has never recognized bystander damages in circumstances such as these.
McCrone's ruling last March permitted the estate of Michaelangelo Heidenberg to pursue its claim that the father's negligence in not carefully watching his son led to the "wrongful death."
"Only her living and surviving child, KF (Kaylee Frazee), has standing to bring a wrongful death claim," a motion to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit claimed. "In the original complaint, plaintiffs pled that the outrageous conduct of Mr.
"This case is about arbitration agreements, nursing homes, and wrongful death claims under Massachusetts law.
Widow of Wyoming Train Crash Victim Files Wrongful Death Suit against Union Pacific
Any recovery for a wrongful death is contrary to the common law.
Summary: California [USA], Nov 21 (ANI): Former world number one Venus Williams has reached a settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit with the family of a person who died in a fatal car crash that she had in June last year.
The High Court here delayed its decision today on the application by Dr Shaariibuu Setev to introduce evidence from the murder investigation of his daughter, Altantuya, for his family's wrongful death suit against the government of Malaysia and three others.
Chicago Police Officer Robert Rialmo was deposed Tuesday in the wrongful death lawsuit brought against him and the city by the estates of Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones.