Wormian bone

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any of the tiny soft bones found in the sutures between cranial bones


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Chandershekhran P (1985) (4) has reported 20% of wormian bone in skulls of south Indian.
2] Skull radiographs detected wormian bones [Figure 1]g and [Figure 1]h.
Other features of fronto-occipital head shaping are an increased suture complexity (interdigitation), especially of the lambdoid suture on the back of the skull, and a higher prevalence of posteriorly placed wormian bones within this suture (Gerszten 1993:94; Gottlieb 1978:213-4; O'Loughlin 2004:152; Tiesler 2014:44-5; but see also El-Najjar and Dawson 1977:158-9).
The influence of experimental deformation on neurocranial Wormian bones in rats.
OI patients typically manifest blue sclera, brittle teeth (Dentinogenesis imperfecta) and presence of wormian bones on skull radiographs.
None of the features of skull and shoulder girdle like, open fontanels, wormian bones in skull, partial to total agenesis of clavicle were reported in skull and chest X ray of this patient.
Skull films showed a large cranial vault with persistent open fontanelles and wide sutures, as well as wormian bones.