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hole made by a burrowing worm

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Especially on projects like beams and mantels, worm holes help add a lot of age to a piece.
If you could squash his team small enough, super light speed travel to elsewhere through a black hole worm hole and reassemble them there, he could teleport our Christmas presents around very fast.
The WoodEye system also detected fleck, clusters of worm holes and shake.
We grow lovely berries, not the gnarly little things with worm holes I had expected.
Injecting liquid manure under pressure may further increase its flow rate into drainpipes through worm holes.
American Standard took a more contemporary path to the freestanding unit with its pared down Brook console for the bath, while the cracking, worm holes, and scraping of Crystal's cabinets give them the appearance of an antique found in a grandparent's attic.
But if you get that far and do decide to rebind, the damage he describes is horribly depressing: dog eared leaves, tears, worm holes, missing leaves, marks, stains, fungal spores, loose plates, unusual numbering or section arrangement and, innocently slipped into that list, amateur repairs.
They begin to investigate the weird happenings at the stone circle in the Preseli Hills where worm holes, time-slips, dimensional travel and terrifying figures from the past intrude into modern school days as they are caught in a web of intrigue that started thousands of years ago.
I have come across wood worm holes on the outside doors of two wardrobes.
The strange thing is, this is the first year that very few apples were affected by the worm holes.
Much of the moulding contains worm holes, nail holes, knots and other aged characteristics.
At least three kinds of leaks might fit the description you have: 1) Worm holes through a wood stave or head (end) of a barrel.
Nothing gained, nothing lost, except all would be now completely separated from one another by a hypothetically impermeable spacetime membrane - in other words, pinched-off worm holes.
Kids get exposed to the words and science terms used on television and in the movies, such as matter-antimatter power, space-time continuum, worm holes, and black holes.