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hole made by a burrowing worm

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Also, Brown, who leads a research group in theory and modelling of solar and stellar plasmas, mentioned that worm holes could provide a useful short-cut as he goes on his rounds.
The Spectra system reliably detected sound knots and bark pockets, while it partially detected fleck, discoloration, wormholes, cluster of worm holes, wan, split ([greater than or equal to] 0.
Worm Hole did not have a mussel-covered zone comparable to those at the other sites; instead, juvenile mussels were sparsely scattered among the serpulids in the suspension-feeder zone.
for example, has introduced a product called the Worm Hole, which features a tiny bucket filled with chocolate "dirt" and a green gummy worm.
All seem to have as a nucleus either a fossil or a fossil worm hole.
This super-deluxe version of CRACK THE SKYE will come housed in a hard box case featuring a third dimension worm hole design that will contain exclusive and additional album art by long-time MASTODON artist, Paul Romano.
The trouble with this idea is that we're quite big things, and to pass us through a worm hole is not easy.
If you run into a worm hole or the gut starts to tear you lose your water pressure as the water starts to leak out the hole.
A simpler solution is being pursued by the Green Mountain Club in Vermont: worm hole privvies.
Worms form middens by covering fresh pieces of crop residue with casts over a worm hole.
Footenbarn is only one of many sock characters who come to life in a world of lost socks and other missing garments "through a worm hole in the dryer.
For me there's a lot of confidence in the large-scale elements of the story telling," says Nolan about a story that's as much about family bonds as it is about navigating galactic worm holes.