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computer network consisting of a collection of internet sites that offer text and graphics and sound and animation resources through the hypertext transfer protocol


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Now, in a surprising finding, researchers have identified self-similarity in four types of complex networks: the World Wide Web, a network of actors who have been in films together, networks of proteins with links between those that can bind to each other, and networks of other cellular molecules with links between molecules involved in the same biochemical reactions.
Box 9627 Kansas City, MO 64134-0627 (816) 966-4000 World Wide Web Address: http://www.
World Wide Web pages are made up of two components.
The World Wide Web standards on which an Intranet is based become a kind of inexpensive interface gateway, allowing any corporate application to communicate electronically with any other corporate application.
The World Wide Web Health Awards is organized by the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC), a national clearinghouse for consumer health information programs and materials.
Companies have discovered that their World Wide Web site can serve a variety of purposes - from sales to marketing to polishing a corporate image.
The World Wide Web of the Internet is available to anyone who has an account with a computer communication services firm or with an Internet access provider.
Services provided by the Consortium include: a repository of information about the World Wide Web for developers and users, and various prototype and sample applications to demonstrate use of new technology.
According to people briefed by CompuServe in advance of today's announcement, CompuServe has begun rewriting its existing services in the hypertext markup language, HTML, the industry standard of the World Wide Web.
This architectural Recommendation gives authors of specifications, software developers, and content developers a common reference, enabling interoperable text manipulation on the World Wide Web.
In October 1994, Berners-Lee, with help from the late Michael Dertouzos of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, founded the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
The event will include talks, debates, and panel sessions focused on personal reflections about how the Web got started by the people who were there; why the World Wide Web Consortium was founded; its role today in leading the Web to its full potential; and presentations and projections about the future of the Web.
W3C was created in October 1994 to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential, by developing common protocols and technologies that promote its evolution and ensure its interoperability.
NEW YORK -- Speaking on behalf of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) at SpeechTEK 2004, Tim Berners-Lee told a packed ballroom at the New York Marriott Marquis that speech technology faces challenges but is an important ingredient for the Web to realize its full potential.
org/ -- Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) honored at Buckingham Palace for services to global development of the Internet
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