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a desktop digital computer that is conventionally considered to be more powerful than a microcomputer

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com/desktop/workstation/) are some of the major vendors offering high-performance workstations.
a leader in the discrete PC and workstation graphics market, has announced that IBM has selected the powerful FireGL V7100 high-end workstation graphics accelerator for the IBM IntelliStation Pro line.
However, many property management applications, such as large-scale accounting systems, introduce too much traffic between the server and the workstation for the pure network model to work efficiently.
CRT has designed workstations for a number of other individuals with catastrophic illness or injuries including Larry Howard, a software consultant.
NYSE:HIT) (TOKYO:6501) today announced that it will provide its newly developed Liquid-Cooling System for the latest model of AMD Opteron-based workstations by HP.
Today, high-performance 32-bit Intel chips (Xeon and the Pentium 4) hold their own against RISC/Unix workstations.
Engineered for optimum performance with today's multi-GHz processors, the Wildcat III 6110 is ideally suited for the dual-processor capable, high-bandwidth Compaq Evo Workstations.
Despite their dominance, workstation industry leaders Dell and Intel were in a tailspin 12 months ago, both steadily losing ground to their respective rivals HP and AMD.
It doesn't matter whether you buy Itanium from Dell or HP or IBM or the computer tinkerer downtown, the resulting workstations are all going to be basically the same hardware and they're all going to be running Windows or Intel-compatible Unix.
It captured the number-one position in shipments of branded Windows NT workstations with 249,544 units worldwide and 25 percent market share.
Although the workstation market has evolved into a mature segment with stable characteristics, new computing technologies built on commodity components will result in a net add of more than 500,000 new workstations from 2005 to 2010," said Lloyd Cohen, director, Worldwide Market Analysis, Global Enterprise Server Solutions, IDC.
Lenovo has jumped directly to the #3 position, thanks to picking up ThinkPad-branded mobile workstations from IBM.
By offering Inlet's Fathom Professional Encoder in our HP xw9300 Workstations, HP is providing customers with high-performance advanced compression to the post-production market," said Jim Zafarana, vice president of worldwide marketing, Workstation Business Unit, HP.