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a direct reduction in tax liability (not dependent on the taxpayer's tax bracket)

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Civitas's calculation for the level of benefits being claimed includes working families tax credit, but Labour argues this has a positive impact on the economy by encouraging families back to work.
Mrs Hough continued: 'They said we have never been entitled to working families tax credit, and that someone had put the information on to their system incorrectly.
More than 10,000 families were overpaid pounds 97m of child and working families tax credits during 2003/04 alone ( with many low-income families forced into debt to repay the money.
She has been receiving working families tax credits for the past three years, so thought the switch to the new system would be straightforward.
But now payroll administration has become extremely complex with the introduction of new legislation on the European working time directive, working families tax credits, national minimum wages, disabled person tax credits, the deduction of student loans and new rules on holiday entitlement.
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