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a direct reduction in tax liability (not dependent on the taxpayer's tax bracket)

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If this coalition government want to make the benefits system less complex all they have to do is scrap Working Families Tax Credit and make the necessary adjustments to Income Support.
Mother-of-two Joanna, 32, of Bedwas, said both she and her husband gave full details of their jobs and their earnings when they applied for child tax credits and working families tax credits.
The Working Families Tax Credit is too difficult to administer and is burdening the finance departments of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), according to a report by the the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux (NACAB).
According to the Whitehall figures, nearly one million single parents will be worse off and another million will be pounds 30 a week worse off under plans to scrap the working families tax credit.
Under the new measures, the Working Families Tax Credit will replace Family Credit.
In 1999 the Working Families Tax Credit will be introduced.
WORKING Families Tax Credit is the most expensive means ever devised of giving people back their own money - and that expense is falling on those it is supposed to help.
Parents who get maximum working families tax credit will get free meals for their kids within a year.
Civitas's calculation for the level of benefits being claimed includes working families tax credit, but Labour argues this has a positive impact on the economy by encouraging families back to work.
Meanwhile, Michael Quinn, of Hareydene, Newbiggin Hall, failed to declare his wife had been working since September last year and that he was in receipt of working families tax credit since October last year.
A key aspect will be a guarantee that every family with at least one child will have a minimum income of pounds 248a week through the up rated minimum wage and the working families tax credit.
The child tax credit and working tax credit were brought in by Chancellor Gordon Brown to replace the working families tax credit.
Until a fortnight ago, the family had been getting pounds 221 a week Working Families Tax Credit.
A third of all families entitled to working families tax credit are not claiming it, Government figures confirmed yesterday.
In the meantime, it is urging anyone who would like further information to phone the Working Families Tax Credit helpline on 0845 609 5000.
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