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training for a specific vocation in industry or agriculture or trade

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A central theme of the paper is an attempt to explore the conflicts that developed over the 'true' purposes of workers' education.
The play is by Blaydon writer Tom Kelly and all proceeds will be donated to the North-East region of the Workers' Education Association.
Some of the latest results from this survey indicate that workers' education levels affect the length of time they stay with an employer, at least early in their careers.
Swedish IT consultant Cybercom Group said today (7 April) that it had signed an agreement with the Swedish workers' education association, Arbetarnas bildningsforbund (ABF), to develop a web portal that is accessible to the disabled.
The plan is due to be launched on the basis of co-operation with the UGTT (Tunisian General Labour Organisation) and the ACMACO (Tunisian workers' education association).
It depends on past investments in physical capital, like industrial plants and machinery; human capital, the economist's term for workers' education and skills; and the pace of technological innovation.
In 1921, six librarians were among the 200 persons present at the founding meeting of the Workers' Education Bureau of America, an information center and a publicity organization.
The Workers' Education Association in Telford has received pounds 49,500 from the New Opportunities Fund to increase IT learning opportunities for people in deprived areas.
The book is at its best when depicting the careers of men like the founder of the Humboldt Associations, Emil Ro[beta]m[ddot{a}][beta]ler, a zoology professor who lost his job and was jailed for treason due to his involvement in the revolutions of 1848, only to become a leader of the free-religious movement and one of the best-paid lecturers on the popular science circuit by the 1860s, when he briefly rubbed shoulders with Bebel and Lassalle in Leipzi g's workers' education associations--or when tracing links between Protestant and Catholic reform associations attempting to reconcile Christian belief with popular science in a common response to evolutionary theory.
The best Foreign Secretary ROBIN COOK could have hoped for in his old job would have been pounds 28,000 as a senior tutor with the Workers' Education Association.
The school was rooted in the traditions and practices of progressive education and workers' education.
The Workers' Service Program was an important chapter in the history of workers' education and of the New Deal.
Through the Consortia for Workers' Education, EVCI is developing programs for major unions throughout the United States.
The Workers' Education Association worked with the teenagers from the Pakistani Youth Forum.
GREAT Ayton Workers' Education Association is giving people the chance to learn more about the history of Yorkshire.
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