May Day

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observed in many countries to celebrate the coming of spring

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Growers have reacted angrily to news that they could face higher bills for workers' holiday pay under this year's Agricultural Wages Board settlement.
If not used they are added to the workers' holiday days.
For many years, the 4th of July was a workers' holiday, celebrated by them with such toasts as: "The working men, the legitimate children of '76.
In a sign of mixed confidence, the weakened economy appears to be affecting American workers' holiday spending plans, with three times as many respondents (31 percent) saying they'll spend less this holiday season than the previous year compared to only 10 percent who plan to spend more.
Subjects which we will be covering at this meeting of the HR Forum will include the likely impact of recent and impending rulings on the calculation of workers' holiday pay, something which is likely to give manufacturing companies and other businesses a significant headache.
But for 500 lucky staff at one Welsh-based company this autumn it will involve the ultimate workers' holiday - when they'll fly to Majorca together thanks to their boss' generosity.
Usdaw has set up a workers' holiday rights guide on its website.
First there was the unexpected interest rate hike, quickly followed by an announcement that workers' holiday rights are being increased.
A AS you say, on January 11 the government announced proposals to increase workers' holiday entitlement from 20 days per annum - as your staff have enjoyed to date - to 28.
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