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clarification that follows from the removal of ambiguity

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Seed words are a common form of seeding that has been used for lexicon induction, pattern learning, and word sense disambiguation (Yarowsky 1995).
This paper will conclude with a brief examination of some of the issues of relying on meta- and linked data for Word Sense Disambiguation.
Using Relevant Domains Resource for Word Sense Disambiguation. In Proceedings of the ICAI, (2004)27.
ReAD does not perform word sense disambiguation and implements exhaustive access; that is, all senses of polysemous words are equally activated [19,20].
Word sense disambiguation is the ability to identify the words' sense in a computational manner [1].
Among the topics are word sense disambiguation, domain adaptation in part-of-speech tagging, a computational cognitive model of human translation processes, interactive question answering, mining user-generated content for social research and other applications, and spreadsheeting using modified visual feature vectors.
The word sense disambiguation problem is about finding the most probable meaning of a polysemous word.
These help guide the word sense disambiguation process (Kolte & Bhirud, 2008; Bentivogli, Forner, Magnini, & Pianta, 2004).
"The trouble with word sense disambiguation is word senses", reads the opening line of an article written by Kilgarriff (2006: 29).
Technologies used for machine translation, such as syntactic parsing and word sense disambiguation, are commonly used in other applications of natural language processing.