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Nonwhites, adults aged 50 and older, and adults with no college education all lean toward believing the Bible is the actual word of God rather than stories and history recorded by man.
May we find within ourselves that the Word of God is a gift from Him.
By questioning and reprimanding the irresponsible, unaccountable and oppressive leadership Jesus was causing the word of God to become alive.
In the two-thirds world, the word of God seems to be highly treasured and esteemed (even to those who proclaim it) to the point that people are willing to give everything for it, even their lives in some cases, while in the Western world we have complacency and disregard towards it that defies all reason.
This is not biblical faith, which proclaims that the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit, is in history, in creation, working out a purpose and a destiny.
I do not consider lectio divina in the cathedral to be a solemn liturgical act (such as Vespers), but rather a personal encounter with the word of God, and an occasion for me as bishop to join with my people in an intimate, prayerful experience of meditation.
The anecdote leads us to ask ourselves: If the word of a French ruler was so respected, how much more does the Word of God command our respect and attention?
The word of God, The Bible, can linger in our minds for years.
The Word of God Is Not Bound: The Encounter of Sikhs and Christians in India and the United Kingdom.
WITH the fall of great banks the world over, it is important to stress that money is of secondary importance to the word of God, which is the foundation of all reality.
About one-third of the American adult population believes the Bible is the actual word of God and is to be taken literally word for word, a new Gallup poll reveals.
The call for a possible response, from within an existential and presumably social context, marks scripture as word of God, and God as the harbor of the event that actualizes the possible.
This woman, this mother, sorrowing, knows the opposition and rejection, the pain and persecution, the suffering and death of all those who will seek to be faithful to the Word of God made flesh.
In arguing that the Bible must be the written word of God, he belies any pretense that man, even extraordinary men, can be a surrogate for his Heavenly Father.
Their list includes (1) theological interpretation of life through conversation; (2) exorcizing and building up the community of faith in practices of a discipleship; (3) opening people to God's ongoing and unfolding work in the world revealed in Jesus Christ; (4) presenting the acknowledged word of God in such a way that the listener or observer senses the impulse of change or conversion in his or her own life; (5) forming Christians for and calling Christians to mission; (6) speaking what cannot be spoken, empowering and being silenced by those who have little voice and even less power; (7) keeping in touch with God; (8) disrupting life to create a space in which the Holy Spirit can work, the community can rethink, revisit, and receive; and (9) communicating faith.