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any game involving the formation or alteration or discovery of words

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Today we have another entry to the word game category - Worbble (Word meets Bubble).
THIS ONE is the most popular word game available right now and you don't even need to download it onto your device as you can play it on Facebook.
Among individuals with low education, those who engaged in reading, writing, attending lectures, doing word games or puzzles once or week or more had memory scores similar to people with more education," said Lachman.
Jumble' is one of America's most loved and played word games, and now's the time to exploit the unique attributes of the iPhone and iPod.
This game however is quite different than any word games I have played in the past.
There are word games, puzzles, riddles, puns, corny jokes, fun facts, miniquizzes, pictures to color and decipher, and instructions for kid-friendly activities.
There are puzzles, word games, crosswords and even the new Japanese number puzzle Sudoku, which everyone seems to be talking about.
For all of Martha's braying and taunting the younger couple (superbly played by David Harbour and Mireille Enos) they've dragged home from a faculty party, the play is really dominated by the disarming, relentless word games through which George lays traps for the others.
takes older students on a grand tour of the nation's many distinct idioms and reinforces the vocabulary with word games.
The handheld dictionary also features interactive word games and a Rolodex Organizer for names and phone numbers.
In a laudable effort to recover the interplay of literacy and orality among women and children, chapter 3 studies the tales, songs, lullabies, word games, and riddles of nursery lore.
For example, a one-page sheet for children featuring a variety of word games to accompany the Sunday church program was designed to introduce new words for the week and generate informal conversations about words with children.
Holidays are perfect opportunities to make word-lovers out of your friends and relations through the giving of wordy presents, especially exciting word games.
Action Exercises: Increase your verbal IQ by reading, listening to audio books, playing word games, and writing in a journal.